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10 Cute & Cozy Halloween Decor Ideas

If you're into the cute and cozy halloween decor ( and not scary) this post is for you!

Halloween is a fun time of year to decorate your home and get into the spooky spirit. But if you're not a fan of scary decorations, don't worry! There are plenty of cute and non-scary Halloween decor options that are also affordable.

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1 | Fluffy boucle fabric cream pumpkin

2| Snoopy halloween mug

a mug of snoopy laying on pumpkin

3 | Ghost mug set

set of 4 ghost mugs

4 | Boucle cute ghost halloween pillow

5 | 3 wooden cute ghosts

3 wooden cute ghost decor
3 wooden cute ghost decor

6| Cute ghost trick or treat sign

cute and not scary ghost sign holding a pumpkin sign that says 'trick or treat'

7 | Ceramic trick or treat bowl

cute ghost trick or treat bowl

8 | autumn leaves

autumn leaves

9 | 4 piece ghost candle

4 small ghost candles

10 | Halloween 12 Pack LED Pumpkin Lights

pack of 12 pumpkin tea lights

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