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7 Unique Gift Ideas For New Homeowners

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If your searched the internet front and back and still couldn't find a unique gift idea for you new homeowner friends and family, search no more- this article is for you!

If there's one thing I love, is gift giving, especially when it involve home decor ideas.

Hope you find this shopping guide helpful!


a customized guest book


Polaroid camera


Gifts 1+2 go together so so well, but if you're on a budget getting just one of them would also be amazing! #1 is a customized guest book, you would typically use for weddings but imagine how cool receiving this book with the customization and leaving it on the front console and every time a new guest comes in you can take a picture, and write a few fun words with the date they came in!

Imagine being invited to a new home and you're asked to bring a charcuterie board and as you slowly finish eating the board reviles itself and its customized!! Gift #4 just goes so well with #3 as a set!


Cocktail kit is an essential in every-house hold, even if they don't drink alcohol you can always make mocktails! Pairing it with Mixology cocktail book is such a unique and fun activity you could do together!

#7 Last but not least, a watercolor painting of the new home!! It's a unique and customizable gift, you can add the family name, date, etc!

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