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7 White Christmas Decor Under $25

living room during Christmas with white Christmas tree and festive decorations

1 | Star fairy lights

are the perfect addition to living room decor during the holiday season because they create a warm and inviting atmosphere. They can be used to decorate the Christmas tree, fireplace, mantel, or simply hung from the ceiling. Star fairy lights are also very versatile and can be used to create a variety of different looks, from classic to modern.

star fairy lights for Christmas tree

2 | This set of 4 marshmallow

mugs is perfect for a hot coco Christmas night! It's festive, fun, and perfect for sharing. The mugs are made of durable ceramic and they're also just the right size for a cup of hot coco, with plenty of room for whipped cream and marshmallows.

Set of 4 cute marshmallow mugs

3 | Birch tree with fairy lights
This tree is the perfect "vibe filler" for you living room, battery oparted which means its cable free and mess free which is perfect for creating the "white Christmas effect". You will need to get 3 AA batteries so make sure you buy that separately. The branches are also flexible so you could play around with its position and hang small ornaments!
2 white birch trees with fairy lights

4| Elegant ornaments for white Christmas tree
If your'e looking to get the "white Christmas" aesthetic for you home this holiday season this tree is the perfect option! It come with 5 assortments and totals in 30 ornaments!
Assortment of ornaments

5 | Aesthetic wrapping paper!
I personally love the brown wrapping paper, it gives you a natural base to work with and decorate with different ribbon styles, stamps, etc. It's also the most affordable option iv'e personally seen.
white Christmas tree with brown wrapping paper

6 | 14 rolls of lace ribbon
This is the vibe I would personally go for! The obvious way to use it is to decorate the gifts like I mentioned above but you can use it to decorate many things, like tying ribbons on the Christmas tree, add it to the bottom of a candle holder and more!
white lace ribbons

7 | Silver Metallic String Star tree topper
Perfect for those of you looking for clean modern look.

white star topper for Christmas tree

Those are my 7 favorite white Christmas decorations under $25! Hope you like them!



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