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European Fashion Girly Starter Kit

Updated: Mar 9

Spring break is right around the corner, order these European fashion staples before they sell out!

European spring fashion girly starter kit

#1 The shoulder bag

Matilda Djerf and other European influencers are showing us the go to European color palette for upcoming spring fashion. Basically- anything pastel, baby blue, baby pink etc.

Here are the must have accessories inspired by European spring trends:

This bag from By Far is over 70% off and is just perfect for spring. Any good European outfit need a cute shoulder bag

#2 Adidas Gazelle shoes

Adidas Gazelle have been making the biggest comeback and is the exact right shoe you'll meed for your European fashion girly era.

#3 Statement necklace

We11Done Pastel baby pink pearl statement necklace will elevate any outfit!

#4 Clogs

The Clogs. Birkenstock clogs have been sold out everywhere over the past few months. Grab them now before they sell out!

#5 Basic baby tee

The classic and timeless baby tee

#6 the thick Havaianas flip flops

The best $16 you can spend this spring. The Havaianas flip flops are a classic spring/summer staple.

Styling Inspiration

For those who love fashion, the European fashion girly starter kit for spring vacation is a necessity. These fashion essentials will take your wardrobe to the next level, from pastel-colored shoulder bags to statement pearl necklaces, Adidas Gazelle shoes, Birkenstock clogs, and Havaianas floppy flops. Take advantage of them as soon as possible before they sell out! You'll be outfitted for any European journey with these accessories. So place your purchase right away and get set to adopt the newest European fashion trends.

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