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Here are 5 reasons why I recommend to wear linen this upcoming Spring/Summer:

Styled by Matilda Djerf, this black monochrome look is going to be everywhere this upcoming spring of 2023, especially linen with fabric.

​Oversized linen blend shirt $60

​Linen blend pull on wide leg pant $80

#1 Linen is *so breathable makes it idea for warmer spring/ summer days, it helps you keep you cool and comfortable.

#2 It's lightweight which makes it the ultimate fabric for transitional weather, because its not too heavy and not too light, it makes it a great choice for layering.

#3 It's absorbent linen is a highly absorbent fabric, you'll be sure to look dry even if you break a sweat, its also ideal for humid conditions.

#4 It's sustainable linen is actually made from the fibers of the flax plant!

#5 Comfy yet chic and luxurious for spring/summer linen really makes the perfect choice for me since its so light and breezy yet has a super luxurious look, an outfit that accomplishes both comfort and chic is just the ultimate choice for me!

Here are my favorite linen items:

​​Haven wide leg pant $49.99

​Premium Linen Shirt $39.90

​Lioness Linen Pant

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