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Puffed silver heart necklace with string

Y2K clothes has been making an appearance in the last two year, now it's time for Y2K jewelry to shine. We are talking big, bold, statement jewelry.

When I found this puffed heart necklace by ColdShoulderLA it was love at first site.

What do you think about this trend ?

Heres how i'd style it:

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More Y2K Jewelry I believe will become part of our day to day outfits as we go more towards spring.

More Y2K necklaces everybody needs in 2023

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I bought this necklace two months ago and the amount of complaints I received on it is unreal! I just love it so much I think its such a unique statement piece. Gold and silver mixed jewelry are my new favorite thing.

Shop Here - Justine Clenquet

Shop Here - Transitioning more into spring I believe we'll see more pops of color from out jewelry. I love the way she stayed it! It's the perfect edition to any outfit. ( Linked similar )

Shop Here - This one is pretty controversial, but I wouldn't be surprised if well start seeing more and more on your favorite influencers. The rose chocker was such a staple in the early 2000's.

Shop Here

Shop here - Iconic cult Gaia 3 layer pearl chocker

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